Parent Night 2014

Tonight we have parent night where all our families visit our classroom to see some of the amazing work that we have been up to.  This year we are showcasing some beautiful perspective drawings, brochures about industry and our local port and some excellent explanation texts that we have created for our Writing Grids.

Not only that yesterday we completed our Colour Pallets were we analysed two pieces of impressionist art.  One was a classic piece whilst the other was a modern creation.  Our classroom data wall shows the progress we have made in Term 1 and Term 2 in Target spelling lists and mental maths tests.  Have a look at our wonderful STAR Books and check out the goals we have already set this year.

Please feel free to look around our classroom and have a click around on this blog to find your child’s own blog.  And don’t forget to have a go at our class quiz so that you can leave with a Freddo Frog.

Mrs B

(PS Class Assembly is tomorrow at 2.10pm and would love to see you all there.)

Embarrass The Teacher Day

Embarrass the Teacher Day was  huge success and we raised more than enough money to build a house for a family in Bali.  Mrs E is already looking for a worthy family to start building a home for in Seraya.  It was great to see students get involved in their own Embarrass Themselves Day to finish raising enough money to do this.


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Student Blogs

Yes, we have started out student blogs!!!  First we created a paper blog individual and now we have begun to put together blogs in pairs.  Some of us have already completed our first posts, whilst others are almost ready to get on the computers.  Links to these can be found under Class Blogs.  Please comment and enjoy.

Mrs B

The Year 2014

Well what can I say??? This year I have the best class in the school. Or so it seems. We have been so busy learning that I have not been able to write a first post for the year. We have been to Bridgetown for camp, we have organised several events for student leadership, studied hard for NAPLAN, been flat out adding to our STAR Books, we’ve finished a work contract about early migration, learnt loads about matter in science and even participated in a Bush Dance.

We are almost ready to begin our student blogs, but first we must finish creating our ‘Paper Blogs’. Once all Paper Blogs are in we are going to choose the best 14 who will take on the role as leaders of their pair blogs. We only have three finished at this stage but students are working very hard to impress the judges. I can’t wait to see them all finished.

Mrs B


Our beautiful work from to remember our ANZAC’s.

Socrative Student

Hi Team,

If any of you see this post before we go back to school I would be very grateful if you could download the app “Socrative Student” on your iPods at home. I hope to use this app lots this term. It is available from the App Store for free.

If you don’t have an iPod don’t worry, because you will be able to log in on a computer as well.

Mrs B

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