Warm and Cool Colours


We always have some students who present such beautiful artwork in our classroom  These are just a few of the warm and cool colour paintings that have been presented.  Students were asked to either use warm in the background and cool in the foreground and then pattern sections with an Artline texta to add textured effect.  Currently we are working on finishing our artfolios to store all our pieces from class, and from working with Mr F.

Mrs B

Year 6 Camp 2015

Last week the Year 6 students attended the annual Bridgetown Camp School.  At the camp they participated in a number of wonderful activities with the key focus of developing team skills, CPS Learning Qualities, self management skills, fun and laughter.  Each day was full with tasks that included tabloid sports, orienteering, raft building, canoeing, mountain bike riding, horse riding and team challenges.  Students met some interesting characters during their time at the Camp School like Mike and Michael who taught us all how to complete our chores and keep our dorms tidy.  During our farm visit we met another Michael who taught us how to make damper, take care of animals, milk a cow, and to be critical thinkers in the world in which we live.  We had an amazing time touring his farm and rounding up his horses into the holding paddock to be saddled up.  The food at camp was awesome.  Students ate a full breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper whilst on camp.  All of us came back healthier and happier from the fantastic experience.  Please see below our camp Photo Peach Story to show you all the fun times we had in Bridgetown, Big Brook and Luciville Farm.