ANZAC Day – 25th April 2015

IMG_4037Each year I try to find a new task to motivate students in learning about ANZAC Day.  And each year I try and find another story or book that I can use to help reinforce the importance of always remembering those who fought and died for our freedom.  This year is a very special ANZAC day because we are about to commemorate the 100 Year Anniversary of Gallipoli.  Therefore, there have been a number of books and new resources available for us as teachers to share with our students.

We are going to not only use these books as informative resources when looking at Time, Continuity and Change, but we are going to use them as part of our Literacy Block.  Students are going to compare and contrast the two texts in regards to how it is written and how it is presented.  Both books are beautifully written and highlight the emotion of war.  I am hoping that students will then be able to write a beautiful Five Senses type poem about ANZAC Day and war.  I will be sharing these on the blog when they are done.

Later in the week students are going to research one of our ten Victoria Cross Recipients from Gallipoli and put together a biography of their life in the form of a newspaper article.  Although I have done this type of task before, this time I am going to ask the students to work in pairs.  We are going to focus on ANZAC Day and our diggers in Weeks 1 and 3.


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