Literacy Week

This week was Literacy Week at our school and the students had the chance to work with students from different classes to participate in writing tasks.  Early on in the week we met with Room 19, who are our regular class buddies, to complete the cover page of a story that we have been writing for their K/PP.  The children thoroughly enjoyed getting their buddy to illustrate for them.

On Wednesday we worked with Room 10.  We watched a video clip on the white board and then had to come up with a similar idea to the clip.  They drew what they thought a scene from their story might look like and labelled all the details and important parts.  From there they worked in groups of four to write the beginning of the story for one of the scenes.

On Friday we met up with Room5, who we shared our paper blogs with.  We then showed them how to create one for themselves.  Each year 3 had the opportunity to choose their own topic and write their first post for their home page.  I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are finished, because they all worked very hard together.

Over the entire week we were lucky enough to hear excellent reading of writing tasks after recess.  Each class had a turn at choosing 2-3 students to read their writing from the days Literacy Block.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what the classes had been doing, and also the wonderful language being used in their independent writing tasks.

Thank you to Mrs Upson for organising this for us and also the the Cooinda students for a job well done.


Mrs B


  • Hey guys, cool post, and I hope I can read more soon!

  • Hi Mrs Burgess and the enchanting readers and writers in Room 13. I’m really happy that you enjoyed the literacy activities. I adored listening to the fantastic writing that was shared at the mini assemblies and seeing the excitement that the buddy activities created. There has been some fabulous teaching and learning happening at Cooinda! Congratulations to you all. The photos with your buddies also tell a heart-warming story… Not only do you care greatly about learning, but you also care greatly about the other children at Cooinda. Continue to be inspired by Mrs Burgess and by each other, and continue in your quest for personal excellence. Onward and upward… Mrs Upson

  • A THOUSAND APOLOGIES ROOM 13. I twice lost my comment when I tried to respond to your fabulous Literacy and Numeracy Week blog. (The antispam code word kept tricking me!) I initially realised I had made an error with your room number and changed it, but when I had to rewrite my comment a third time, I obviously made the same mistake again. Blame it on old age! I’m very embarrassed, and I hope you’ll forgive my blunder. Mrs Upson

  • Thank you Mrs Upson. We all thoroughly enjoy our learning in literacy and love sharing our work with others. Thanks again for organising such a fun week.
    Mrs B

  • Yes we try our hardest to keep the blog up to date Jono. Sometimes we get so busy that it is hard to update. We value all your comments and showing an interest in what we are doing.
    Mrs B

  • Hey guys, great job with the blog and I hope I can read more soon.

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