National Science Week Mangroves Visit

On Wednesday, 15th August the Cooinda Kids had a great time visiting the Leschenault Inlet in Bunbury to investigate the bird life and macro invertebrate numbers at our local mangroves.  The excursion was all part of National Science Week and was organised by the amazing Mr Scott.


Students were given the opportunity to collect samples from the water to see what kinds of macro invertebrates could be found.  They were able to work in groups to investigate using magnifying glasses and microscopes.  The children managed to find a good variety of these species, and even a hermit crab.


Following this the students went bird watching in the inlet.  Several of a local bird enthusiasts were their to teach the children how to use binoculars and a telescope to view the bird life.  Unfortunately on the day, we were only about to spot a few different kinds of birds.


All in all it was a great day out with some wonderful science experiences to be had.


Mrs B

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