The Year that has Gone

The year has flown by so quickly and what a great year it has been. Our class has had some great times doing a lot of amazing things. From Busselton Camp through to our year 7’s attending a trip to Margaret River last week, to participate in canoeing and bushtucker tasting. Believe it or not …. I did eat a witchety grub. Next week we finish the year with our Celebration Night and our Graduation Assembly. Just can’t wait to display our LipDub to our school community.

On a personal note, the highlight of my year has definitely been learning more about incorporating technology into the classroom. This has been all thanks to Mr Phipps and Mr Scott. I have loved working more with Smart Boards, iPods and of course Blogging.

I have found blogging to be a great way to communicate to the broader community and the parents and children of our class. It was always so lovely to receive comments from others across the globe enjoying what we were learning about in the class. Students individual blogs gave them the opportunity to engage with students from places around the world who shared the same interests. It also gave them the opportunity to display their written work in a variety of genres. Blogging also gave the teachers the chance to teach about how to use social media appropriately.

Next year I will continue to blog and encourage my students to do the same. I am still deciding how it will look in my class but look forward to more technology challenges.

Thank you for a fantastic year “Team”. I have loved teaching you all and will miss having some of those characters in the class in 2012. Keep up the great work year 7’s and best of luck in high school.

Mrs B

PS I would love to hear your comments On what you thought about blogging?

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  • Hi Mrs B!
    I liked blogging because it gave us a chance to talk about what we wanted to, and we got to talk to people from different places using comments. All in all, I think blogging was a great experience to have.

  • I think blogging is a great opportunity to share our thoughts on subjects. It’s also a good opportunity to comment on other peoples blogs and see each others thoughts.

  • I thought that it was fun because I chose a topic about something that I enjoyed and that was cooking.
    From Ella

  • I loved the blogging, talking about the topic I knew so much about. I loved talking about the school community and what was happening from camp to faction day and other things. I am going to miss the year sevens after they graduate and I hope we can also have more fun next year doing other things and maybe following on with our blogs. It would be good to keep posting on our blogs and telling people what we do. I think we should do it again next year and update weekly because we slacked a bit with posting, not many people did post a lot. From some of the comments I got on my blog and other people got on their blog I know the public is interested in our topics and what we do. Also I think it is good for the public and other peers to comment on our blogs and read our blogs and maybe start their own.

  • Sorry that last message was from Arri:)

  • I don’t like blogging because it is boring.

  • I am sorry that was Troy not me but I still don’t like blogging because you have to write a lot and make sure that the spelling is correct all the time.

  • Hi Cody. Don’t you have to make sure that your spelling is correct all the time whether you are blogging or not. Hmmmmm???

  • Glad that you love it Arri. We will probably try a few different ways of blogging next year. Any ideas would be great. Mrs B

  • I think the best thing that happened this year was the year six and seven camp. I loved that my dad went.

    I also think that the blog is nice. I have had some problems but non i cant overcome. Lets keep the blog.


  • I think that blogging was fun because it was a great opportunity to write about topics we new alot about or what was happening around the school.

  • I think blogging was good because I got to find out what peoples intrests are.

  • I have loved this blogging experience that I have encounted this year because it gives us the chance to comunicate with other bloggers

  • I loved working on my blog because I will try and help save the earth.

  • I liked blogging because you can write about things that you enjoy doing and about your class too.

  • i enjoyed blogging this year and i thought it was fun because it was a great way to express your feelings to the world

  • I really like to do blogging because you can know what do people like. Sometime you can even know what did they do at weekend.

  • I liked the idea of doing blogs but it was very hard. At that point i didnt like the blogging.

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