Room 13’s Scarecrow

This was our contribution to the Fruit and Vegetable garden outside Room 11.  All the classes did an amazing job creating their wonderful scarecrows.  The Farmer found a wife outside in the vegetable patch this time.


  • I cant believe we didn’t win. I thought ours what GREAT

  • Hello there!

    My name is Mr. Capps, and I am writing as a representative for my fifth grade PACE class from Mobile, Alabama. I can’t wait to show my class your scarecrows, I know they will be begging me to let them create their own!

    We explored your blog last Friday, and have since discussed trying to make contact with you so that we can learn more about where you live and how we are similar and different.

    Our unit study this semester is called, “Valuing Differences” and we have been examining all the ways we are unique and similar, and how those qualities help us contribute to our community.

    We will soon be traveling to the Mobile Exploreum to see their Kangaroo Kraze exhibit. We will be recording video footage and writing reflections about our experience. We hope that you check out our blog and tell us what you think! We have already started a presentation to share our research which can be found on our class website as well. We are completely new to blogging and google tools, so if you feel inclined, please swing by to encourage our efforts!

    Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Mr. Capps and the St. Elmo Explorers

  • Our scarecrow won the scarecrow competition.

  • Did it Lorenz? I didn’t know because I was away in the afternoon. Must have been all the things that you recycled. Well done to you and Room 10.

  • Hi Mr Capps,

    Thank you for exploring our blog and introducing yourself to us. I have just had a look at your blog and the things you are doing with your class sound very interesting. I loved your video about your similarities and differences. You should have a look at the video link “What’s Your Sentance?” as it might be another activity you could do with your class using your blog and ICT. I plan to do the same in the coming weeks with my class for their graduation assembly and their own blogs so keep your eyes out for that.

    I would love it if you would like to remain in contact so that the students can learn more about where we live, etc. Perhaps you could put together some questions to ask our class and we can answer them for you. We are currently on school holidays until the 18 October and our last term finishes in the middle of December. There is one of our differences already.

    I look forward to hearing from you all again soon.

    Mrs B

  • Tara and I just found out from Lorenz who won. So disappointed for us. Doesn’t matter we had fun making them.

  • Same here mrs B

  • Hello once again Mrs. B,

    I look forward to watching your videos! I wish we didn’t have such strict content filtering in our schools system so that I could share them with my class more easily.

    Thank you for you prompt response, I know my students will be excited to hear from you. They already have plenty of questions to ask. Have you ever done anything with podcasting? I plan to have my students write a script for a podcast that includes their questions so that, if you choose to share, your class can hear my class’s voices. I will also attach a text version of the podcast to make it easier for you to respond.

    We have been discussing the purpose of meaningful questioning strategies. Hopefully, we will come up with some great questions for us to ask you!

    Best regards,

    Mr. Capps

  • Hi Mr Capps

    That all sounds like a great idea. I have not used podcasting yet but have been very keen to give it a go. This might just be the time.

    Mrs B

  • Hi Mrs B’s Team,

    All the scarecrows looked magnificent. I think the winning class won because it was the scariest (they based it on their teacher no doubt)

    Hope you guys have enjoyed the holidays.

    Mr Phipps

  • Hi my name is siddarath and I am from new zealand.I like your scarecrows.I am a friend of mr phipps.Here is a link to my blog check it out !!!

  • Hi Siddarath
    Thank you for saying that you like our scarecrows. We worked hard to make them for a vegetable garden.
    Mrs B

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