Spelling Competition Winners

These are ‘The Teams’ first ever spelling competition winners.    To win the competition the students had to come up with as many words that they could make out of the word ‘SPELLING’.    Abby was  the champion with 38 words and Kiana was runner-up from our class with 30.  Well done to both girls.


Check out The Collaborative Spelling Blog for our next competition.


  • nice spellers

  • Congratulations to Abby and Kiana, what a fabulous effort. So many words from one word, very impressive.

    I was very proud of Dekota and Johannea from Room 5 for doing so well in the Junior competition as well.

    That ‘iPen’ prize looked absolutely amazing. Maybe I should get one of those, not an Ipad2?

    I can’t wait for the next competition!!!

    From Mr Scott

  • Great post Mrs B


  • Hey Mrs. Burgess! This is Max from Huzzah! I won my school’s spelling bee where I had to spell a given word correctly. My winning word was cumulonimbus. Has your school done a spelling bee?

    Bye for now, Max

  • That is great to hear Max. Well done. We haven’t done a spelling bee here at our school. Perhaps we should.
    Mrs B

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