Telescopic Text

During our literacy rotations last week the students had the opportunity to work in a great website called Telescopic Text.  In small groups the students started with a small and simple sentence that they could extend with extra words to make it a larger more enjoyable sentence.  The groups did this with me as a shared writing experience.  They later went on to do this independently creating a sentence of their own.  Click on the links below to see some of the examples.


Sophie’s Telescopic Text called “I saw a bird.”

Jonathon’s Telescopic Text called “I received presents.”

Kiana’s Telescopic Text called “I saw a boat.”

Joel’s Telescopic Text called “I made breakfast.”


  • Dear Room 13,

    Hi my name is Eb, I am in 2KJ.
    I love this post!
    I loved how you put in extra information to make your sentences more interesting.

    Your friend,

  • Dear Mrs B and class,

    Hi my name is Kayla I’m in grade 2 and I am 8 years old. I go to Leopold Primary School and my teacher is Miss Jordan. 😆

    How many kids are in your class ❓

    I like your post, it is very interesting. I also like the sentences your kids made. The site is very cool. 😎
    I love them!!

    I like your blog, it is great. We noticed the clock on your blog and we worked out that you are two hours behind us!

    I think it is all for now.

    Kind Regards,
    Kayla 😛

  • Dear Kayla,

    It is lovely to meet you and thank you for commenting on our teams blog. We have 30 students in our class. Thirteen year 6 students and seventeen year 7 students. I am glad that you liked our telescopic text sentences. Keep your eye out because next we are going to try and extend a small sentence into a whole paragraph.

    Kind Regards
    Mrs B

  • Dear Eb

    Thank you for commenting on our blog and I am glad that you liked our sentences as we have worked hard on them. Next time we are going to extend a whole a small sentence into a paragraph.
    Keep up the great work in 2KJ.

    Mrs B

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