• Hi Room 13. I did venture into your room this afternoon and had a sneak peak at all the wonderful work you have on display. You guys obviously put a lot of effort into everything you do.

    I think Mrs B chose the right image – a room full of stars!!

  • Thanks Mr Phipps. We did work hard and right up to the last minute as well. I just loved your shoe display and the great activities that you planned for your parents. Did anyone play ‘Take Two’? My parents weren’t interested in doing a word study.
    Mrs B

  • Hi my name is lionel and i i am from new zealand and I’m a friend of gary and your blog is so cool have a look at my blog and comment it is a free zone so any one can comment ok bye 😀

  • sorry heres my blog http://lionelpws.edublogs.org/

  • Hi Lionel

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog. You have done some great things.

    Mrs B

  • I love the Disney type writing!

  • Loving the image Mrs B!!

  • Thanks Jonathon. I will show you how to do it next week.
    Mrs B

  • Thank you Mrs Elsegood. I will send you the link if you like and then I can show you how to do it yourself. Mr Phipps showed me of course.


  • Hi Jessica,

    You can create a star or lots of other shapes through imagechef.com

    Mrs B

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