Spaghetti Bridge Testing

Well on Tuesday we had our spaghetti bridge testing.  Everyone was able to finish their bridges in time though some did not quite meet the original criteria set.  There were many different designs.  Some very attractive and carefully planned while others were not so attractive but held out in the testing well.


Josh and Bao’s bridge was planned and designed very effectively whilst Jake (Room 10) and Jaymon spent a lot of time mathematically planning to also create an excellent bridge.  All in all the students from Room 10 and 13 built some pretty amazing bridges that they should be very proud of.   During the testing students took notes and kept track of the weight that each bridge could take.  From their notes they began to put together a science report back in class.


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  • Well done everyone. There were some great designs that met all the criteria and you should be pleased with your efforts. Well done to Josh and Boa on creating such an amazingly strong structure.
    I hope you don’t mind Mrs B but I have inserted a link of your post into our blog.

  • That is no problem Mr Phipps you are most welcome to do that.

  • Wow! Well done everyone. All the bridges look fantastic.

    How much weight can a spaghetti bridge hold?

    Mr Scott

  • Our spaghetti bridges did go quite well didn’t they Mrs B?

  • They absolutely did Shauna. And I was very impressed at how well you all worked in your groups.

  • Thank you Mr Scott. The strongest bridge was built by Bao and Josh from Mrs B’s Team. The bridge managed to hold 1.5kg of water in a bucket. Very impressive.

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