• Nice pictures Mrs B!


  • I liked the pictures good photography Mrs B I can’t wait to work with them again.

  • Hi,I really like your blog it taught me lots on how to improve my blog

    See you soon,Lily.

  • shelleyburgess

    Thanks Lily. I have had a read of your blog too and it is very good. My students are enjoying reading all your comments.

  • What fantastic photos. It was clear there was a lot of great work happening with the stories. Are you going to publish any on your blog? I would love to read them and especially see the beautiful pictures created.

    See you

    Mr Scott

  • lorenzroom10cps

    good work Mrs Burgess

  • shelleyburgess

    We are going to bind and laminate them for the pre-primary students. If you like we could come and read them to your class before we give them to them.

  • We might just do that Mr Scott

  • shaunaroom13cps

    This video is really good Mrs Burgess and I can’t wait to learn how to do it!!

  • What a terrific demonstration of getting along with others. Well done everyone. I look forward to seeing more of the finished books.

    Mrs Fletcher

  • Thank you Mrs Fletcher. Room 13 love working with the buddies and can’t wait to be spending more time with them doing some great activities.

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