The End of Term 2

Term 2 ended very well for the team.  This week the students had Mrs Yoeman’s (student teacher) with them for most of the week so that she could get to know them and the class structure a little better before she begins in term 3.  We also participated in a variety of NAIDOC week activities that included learning about and listening to dream time stories and researching famous indigenous Australians.  They also participated in a poetry writing competition that had to be titled ‘Harmony’.  Most students completed these using the different types of poetry formats that we have done this term.


At the end of the week the students from our class and room 10 participated in a lesson on bullying and what types of forms that it takes.  The students had discussions about what is appropriate and respectful behavior to each other and what is not.  We also looked at the bullying triangle and the importance of a bystander.  After the discussion we decided that it was a chance for us to recognise classmates who were friendly, helpful, kind and respectful.  Two were chosen from each class by their classmates.  In term 3 we hope to continue to recognise all the positive contributions these types of people make at our school and acknowledge them on our blog and at assemblies.

From room 13 I would like to announce that Isabella and Arri have been chosen this week as our students who make others feel ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ and treat people with respect and kindness.  Well done girls.

Spaghetti Bridge Testing

Well on Tuesday we had our spaghetti bridge testing.  Everyone was able to finish their bridges in time though some did not quite meet the original criteria set.  There were many different designs.  Some very attractive and carefully planned while others were not so attractive but held out in the testing well.


Josh and Bao’s bridge was planned and designed very effectively whilst Jake (Room 10) and Jaymon spent a lot of time mathematically planning to also create an excellent bridge.  All in all the students from Room 10 and 13 built some pretty amazing bridges that they should be very proud of.   During the testing students took notes and kept track of the weight that each bridge could take.  From their notes they began to put together a science report back in class.