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The Team from Room 13 have been working very hard to get their personal blogs up and running. Each student has decided on a topic for their blog and have begun to create some very interesting posts. Most of them have managed to introduce a topic, write about camp and do a poem.

Please make sure you check them out but remember that our blogs are windows into our learning experiences. Please help us celebrate all of our attempts – in draft or polished form. And please feel free to leave a comment for us to see that you have visited us.


  • I love working on my blog , thanks Mr’s Burgess for letting us work on it in class time.
    Your the best.

  • Well it is class work. It is all about Literacy, reading and writing and you are doing a fantastic job Tara.

  • Donna Elsegood

    Room 4 has just had a look at your blog site and we think it looks great. Keep up the great work!


    Room 4

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