• shaunaroom13cps

    Mrs B,
    I learnt a lot of things about bridges and I found it very interesting.

  • I had not known that much about bridges and how they are made and I thought it would take alot longer to consruct then it actually made.
    it is very interesting

  • I leant that it took builders six years to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • I learn’t alot about briges and that alot of bridges are really tall and would be hard to build and take years to build to.

  • Dear Mrs B

    I didn’t find any information on Lloyd, Jeff or Beau Bridges but there was lots of great stuff on the other kind.

    I love Jog the Web, what a great tool.

    Good luck to the serious ‘Bridge’ fact finders.

    Mr Scott

  • I learnt that bridges are very technical and hard to construct!


  • sophieroom13cps

    I thought that the text was realy interesting and how complicated it is to build a bridge. I also didn’t know that it took 6 years to build one.


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