Spaghetti Bridges

Well our Natural and Processed Materials science program is drawing to a close. We have been learning lots about atoms, matter, solids, liquids, gasses and properties of materials. This week the children were given spaghetti strands to trial and test how much stress they could put on it when joined together like beams of a bridge. They had to hang a polystyrene cup from the beams and fill it with as much water they could before it snapped. After the testing stage we are hoping the students can come up with some unique and amazing bridges.

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  • Hi Mrs B and the Room 13 Team

    I continue to be impressed with your blogs, keep it up!

    I did some testing with my own spaghetti at home. I didn’t have much luck making anything strong though. I made sure it was ‘al dente’ and it tasted perfect.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Mr Scott

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