An Exhausting Month

It has been an amazing and exhausting month for myself and my teaching comrade Gary Phipps from ‘In the Den in Room 10′.  We started this whirlwind of a trip with the decision to start class and student blogs.  Something that we have thrown ourselves into enthusiastically and completely with great success.  All this the week before preparing for our school camp.  Within this preparation we made bolognaise (the spelling of which we have debated about and agree it should just be Spag Bog as we are Aussie) with our class to take with us on our tour of Busselton.

We then took off for camp with 66 year 6 and 7 students for a three day, activity filled trip.  We played golf, did archery, went caving, got lost in a maze, took a train ride on the jetty, a historical walk and went under the ocean at an observatory.  Although supported well by four wonderful parents and Gaz’s student teacher, Kendel we were both completely exhausted.  Soldiering on, returning to school on the Monday with oodles of food left over from our well organised catering, we were presented with an idea by our dear friend, Di Toia (Yr 5/6 teacher) to prepare and have a long lunch.  This lunch menu came complete with vegetable soup, ‘Spag Bog’ and pear tarts.  A great day and enjoyed by all.

Next Gary developed the idea to have a cooking challenge last week.  The children were put into groups and developed a recipe that had to consist of ….. Weetbix.  (Also leftover from camp)  I was part of a group of four who would be the judges and taste testers.  Thank goodness the students and I had built up a good relationship from camp otherwise I may have been concerned that my portions may have had arsenic in it.

As well as all of the above we have been madly doing experiments, writing poetry, assessing science investigations and writing reports.  Not to mention actually doing some teaching along the way.  Such a busy 4 weeks that I am glad is starting to slow down as of now …. please.  Anyway having said how exhausting it has been it has also been fun and exciting.  I love that I am greatly supported by two fantastic teaching comrades (and friends) in the senior block who always make me smile and laugh.  I thank you Gaz and Di and so does my ‘Team from Room 13’.


  • It certainly has been a busy month or so. I have also apreciated the support you both have given me, especially with your patience when both IWB projectors decided to go on strike.

    Our area is certainly a happening and an exciting one to teach in. I have always been a keen user of technolgy but in the past had given the blogging aspect of it a wide berth. If it wasn’t for Jeff and yourself, I would no doubt have not got involved but I must say, I’m enjoying learning a new set of skills.

    The students have also been terrifc and no doubt with dancing, swimming, and our Student teachers coming on board shortly, Term 3 will be just as hectic 😉

  • I agree with you. Thank you Jeff for introducing us to Blogging. I am really enjoying it too. I think in the next week or two Mr Scott’s class can come down our way and we will help to get your students blogging too.

    Looking forward to next term I must say.

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