• Camp was the best. Thanks Mrs B, Mr Phipps and all the parent who took the time off and taking us. It was the best thing that i have done in my primary years.

  • I hope we get to do another camp next year but this year was the bomb!!!!! I would like to thank all the parents teachers and of course my friends for making the time really enjoyable. My favourite part was the cave and golf. I liked spending quality time with all my friends and getting to know the teachers a bit better and I can’t wait till high school camps and all the camps I do from now on in.

  • Camp was the best thing I would have done In all my primary school years! Thanks, Mrs B, and Mr Phipps for organizing it for us!!


  • Great photo.

    Who is the person we don’t quite see at the front looking to their left?

  • shelleyburgess

    I am not sure who that is Mr Phipps. Someone who didn’t want their picture taken.

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