A change is better than a holiday … so they told me.

The two year 6/7 classes at CPS are fortunate enough to have the access to two classrooms each.  This gives us all so much more room to establish some great learning centres and spread out when doing our group rotations.  At the beginning of the week the Team decided that the room with our desks, IWB and computers in was getting a little over crowded and felt they had to try and encourage me to move some furniture around to give us more space.

As I occasionally suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and am a ‘creature of habit’, I asked the students to write a persuasive text to either encourage me to move to the other end of the two rooms or stay.’ What ever argument held the majority vote I would go with that decision.

We are now settled nicely into the other end of the class.  One end has our desks and chairs, whilst the other end houses our computers, IWB and loads of extra floor space for our collaborative work.  Today when Mrs Upson came to visit during Literacy Block, we were all able to spread out and access the ICT without knocking each other over.

And …. as I have found out, a change is better than a holiday (well almost).

P.S. Speaking of holidays (not that we can really call it that), we are off to camp next week.  Very exciting!


  • The class is better the way it is now and we have more room to move around. I always thought that room 12 is smaller, but looks like I was wrong.

  • shelleyburgess

    I agree with you Tara. We do have much more room to move around.

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