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In the next few weeks, we are going to be typing and producing a book review on our favourite novels.  The particular book I have chosen to review is called, ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.  The book I have chosen has about 600 pages in it.

Every student in our class will be reading their favourite novel and then producing a book review which will be typed  formally. When starting our reviews on OTLS, we must follow the on-screen instructions and read, ” How to write a book review”.

And that’s what we are doing with our book reviews.



  • The book reviews are so fun and I hope we get to do more of it in the year same time.

  • Dear Mrs B and Room 13

    Room 5 loves your new blog. We hope you put up lots of new posts for us to read and comment on.

    We are going to write about our class novel from Term 1, which was James and the Giant Peach. We will post our comments very soon!

    Good luck with your book reviews and we look forward to reading them shortly.

    From Room 5

  • shelleyburgess

    That sounds really great Room 5. We can’t wait to your work on James and the Giant Peach. We hope to put our book reviews in our Blog too for everyone to look at.

  • Dear Mrs B

    In Term 1 our class`s novel was James and The Giant Peach.

    It was about a boy called James who lived with his parents but a rhinoceros escaped from the Zoo and ate them so James had to live with his mean Aunts.

    from Sharissa

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