Today was the first day of NAPLAN.  We started the morning with the students doing Language Conventions test and then following after lunch the Writing test.  The Writing part of the test was titled “Too much money is spent on toys and games.”.  The students then had to write a persuasive text either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement.

As part of Term 1 all students were given weekly and daily activities that revolved around the construction of persuasive texts.  From having a brief flick through the tests, I was very happy to see that almost all of them were written and presented very well.  Fingers crossed the markers also think so.

Over the next two weeks the students have been asked to read a novel that they either chose from the school library or the class resources.  They are going to complete this book review on our Online Teaching and Learning System.  Click on the Wall Wisher link on the right to see how we choose a book to read.

Well that is it for today.  Welcome to our class blog.  We are hoping that this becomes a very useful tool for us and the school to showcase what we have been doing and to link to other wonderful classes around Western Australia, Australia or even the world.

Mrs B

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